Basically, I was browsing the internet, and next thing I know this Virus Remover 2008 thing pops up and starts saying I have a virus, I ctrl +alt + delete it, and the computer seems fine. I try to uninstall it and next thing I know the blue screen pops up for two seconds and makes my computer restart. I tried going on my Guest account and everything was working fine, but when I switch to my Admin account the blue screen pops up and restarts the computer. (I've managed to get rid of the Virus Remover thing, but the blue screen keeps popping up, any help guys?)

what error message in on the blue screen ,there is a bsod screensver that comes along with some of those trojans ,download and run superantispyware in my signature

Well, the blue screen of death goes by too fast for me to read anything. It just flashes for 1 or 2 seconds, then my computer restarts. And I can't download anything on the guest account. :(

hi polackness, try to take out your hdd plug it to another computer and scan through that computer...

I scanned it with one of the anti-virus things I already have on my computer, it found one threat and couldn't remove it. :|
I'm also using a lap-top, does it have an HDD thingermajig?

hi try to use malware bytes, then at Malware bytes menu, go to more tools..then there's the option File Assasin click on run tool then open the file that cannot be remove.. File Assasin should be able to remove that thing... post back the log file also of the malware bytes..
you can download this file at

I can't download anything on the guest account. <.<