It so happens, when I choose to view a site the pictures are not able to be viewed. When I try to search on yahoo, it says "the browser has sent a request that the server cannot understand." I have tried and tried, but nothing works. Is it my browser, are these two related, why can't i view any pictures.

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if u cnt see pictures it might be becauz its not enabled. to do so in

internet explorer go tools -> internet options -> advanced -> scroll down to multimedia and make sure show pictures is ticked.


I'm having a similar problem. When I go to view a picture album online, nothing happens when I click on "View Slideshow" (Dell Shutterfly) or any of the pictures themselves for enlarging. My browser (IE) doesn't even respond. Pop-up blocker is turned off and pictures are enabled in my options. This problem is particularly frustrating because it wasn't always this way, but something changed over the last couple of months and I don't know what. I'm also unable to view some Apple .mov files. Please help.


I have a similar problem, I cannot view games or play games a red square, green circle and blue triangle appears in a small box in upper left top corner. I need help as well.

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