I got something on my windows XP machine a while back and I can't get it off. When I boot up, a box comes up and says "file not found - lsass.exe". If I click on OK, it reboots. If I allow it to boot and then click on the x and close the dialog box, it allows me to use the computer. How can I get this off my computer? It eats up memory and slows things down.

Go to Windows Update: http://www.windowsupdate.com and install the Critical patches. You also might want to invest in some antivirus software. You can try Stinger as a quick test to see if you're infected with any virus: http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger

The virus that messed with LSASS was called "Sasser", possibly you're looking at remnants of this.

Try doing Windows Update and running Stinger...see if you have a virus. The virus can't exploit your system once the vulnerability has been patched so that is the first thing that needs to be checked...as I said, Windows Update-->Critical Updates

...good luck

I did all that stuff and have no viruses. I do have lots of strange phrases about cellphones that refuse to be deleted. I have also gotten all the currently available windows updates. What next?

I do have lots of strange phrases about cellphones that refuse to be deleted.

Can you be more specific about that? Telling us exactly what the phrases/messages are will give us some clue as to what's gotten into your system.

i think you might have messed up your serives/registry, if you have your windows XP cd try using the repair function..

lsas.exe was a file that was nfected my the sasser worm, which virus scaner did you use?

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