Well im looking for an old machine for my gran.

Looked out my old thinkpad. She only needs it for (possibly) dialup internet, emailing, and typing/printing letters.

Its only got 128mb ram and a 600mhz cpu. 20gb hdd.

Originally had NT4 (downgrade rights from 2000). Tried 2000 on it but it ran a bit slow. Sticker says it also supports win98.

So, Win98 or NT4?

Win98 would give her better printer support i suppose (plug n play , but with NT i could lock it down and control it remotely...

Hmm.. Which to choose?

You could do that with Win98se also (Control it remotely)

I would choose 98se :)

well ive just found an old printer. will see what iys driver compatibility is like with each.

I wish ya luck getting her running J!!! (98se is one fine os)

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Got NT4 running fine on it.