I have the following, very annoying problem, and can't get rid of it.
We use a barcode-reader, and since I've installed IE7, whenever I read a barcode, it pops-up the favorites' window's rss feed panel.
It's very annoying, since we have to read lots of bar-codes with it, and have to click on the textbox continually, to get back the control from the rss bar.
Any ideas, how to cancel the pop-up?

I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thank you very much!

is it fully updated?

Yes, it's fully updated. After the reading process, the reader throws a "jump command" CTRL+J, and that cals the rss feed in. I've tried firefox, but that also has a shortcut for CTRL+J, and pops in the downloads window.

The problem can be solved by deleting the IE7 form the machine, but I'm looking for a softer solution. Maybe is it possible to remove these shortcuts from the browser?

limited experience setting up a library with bar codes and ht actual setting of the reader and the particular format of the bar code are critical. If the format of the bar code is not exact to the format of the reader it will push out spurious readings or cpommands.
For a very simple example we got a lot of gibberish even when all was double checked as OK but then discoved the caps lock was on and screwing it allup!!