ok i made a computor with this same parts by my self and then i switched the mother board cause the oldone fried. i formated the harddrive and installed vista every thing seemed to work but wtf no drivers are installed. this error happend right after installing vista 64 bit on the logo screen PLEASE HELP i have a p7n sli platinum and it works with xp it isnt any of the other parts.

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nvm, I'd forgotten that the 2gb memory bug existed in the 64bit version as well as the 32bit version of Vista.


heh, didn't know about that. I have Vista 64 installed at home, but I only have 2GB of memory. I wonder if they are using a 32bit installer or something.

I so wish I could fully switch to Linux. Oh well, maybe in a few years they will be able to run the games I play (Ubuntu is almost there, but not quite).


thats whats wierd. XP and Server 2003 32 bit dont have any problems. But Server 2003 64 bit editon does. (which "xp pro 64" is under the hood). And vista was based on the server 2003 codebase originally when they started development. so it seems to have carried over. Interestingly this bug is not apparent in any versions of Server 2008 (based on vista sp1) so i think they must have fixed it now (possibly the hotfix is included in SP1?)

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