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Probably the most hectic one Ive experienced so far.
I have a Terminal Server witch the majority of my staff connects to. It started very recently that atleast twice a day I get the error RPC Error Unavailable when some of my users try to log onto the server. For the remainder of the users thats still connected to the server, will experience very slow performance, cant print, and some other issues resulting because of this.

When I log on to the Server itself as admin I'll experience the following: When ending(disconnecting) all sessions untill theres so four-eight sessions open only then can this users start working pain free again.

Hope anyone has any ideas.


Are you fully patched? and do you have enough licenses?

Hi there
Im fully patched so I believe seeing that It worked fine for the past year (2008). I like the way you thinking when you menstion licensing because ive also been idleing on that topic.

What have is this:
I have a license server(I'll call it server A) witch was providing the licenses to the thin clients. But Ive discovered before server A was implemented the thin clients was getting they're licenses from a server from an external server (company related but residing on another site)

Now we have 25 Licenses but funny enough due to IT policy from national management blah blah blah... but we have more staff(users) so what I think is happening is the Terminal server witch usually get its licences from Server A is pointing to the server on the other site once all the licenses locally is used up.

Im currently making contact with microsoft to get more licenses to see if thats going to solve my prob.

Will post again


There you are it is the licensing! Are you on OEM, Volume or open licensing? Prices can be different and not always cheaper from Microsoft. MSG me back if you would like me to look into pricing

Ok what I did so far is I brought an additional 30 more licenses. Funny enough problem still exists. It happens round about or exactly 10am, 1pm and 4pm. After every two hours or so.

So I discovered something interesting. When the problem ac cures I only need to end one specific users session then all is good again. I can end all other users sessions on the Terminal Server but without ending that one specific users session the problem will still be there.
Ive changed her Terminal/client but problem is still there. I want to change her terminal/ client with an older one seeing that she's one of the only people that has a newer terminal.

Will try that silly troubleshooting technique and post again.

Cheers for now

Error resolved. One of the users profile's was apparently corrupted. I've deleted the profile and created a new one. Up until this point I haven't received the RPC error massage yet.

Thanks for the responses.

Cheers for now