hey, i have a few problems which have really been affecting me and my computer, firstly i think serious files have been deleted from my computer as i cant run some programs (the program applications show the command prompt window but either say error, terminate or the jus blink an turn off) secondly tried installing xp on my computer again but get the error box saying (windows setup, The file D:\i386\WINNT32U.DLL could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue.) then cant do a thing after that! please help as it is bugging the life out of me!!!

Microsoft explains your problem as:

The Winnt32.msi file causes Msiexec.exe to start the Winnt32.exe tool in the Local System context, however, the ability to obtain access is denied because the local computer does not have the appropriate permissions.

Hopefully that'll give you some guidance and direction. The matter is that that error is common in Windows 2000 upgrades only, so I find it weird you'd get it with XP...but it can happen.

Yeah thanks for that, but could u help me as to how to go about correcting it?