Hi! I am preparing to install Norton AntiVirus 2005. The instructions indicated I need to manually unconfigure my email (Outlook Express 6) or once I install the new Norton I won't be able to read my email. The file that explains how to unconfigure requires notepad but I receive an error message that the .exe file cannot be found. I need to know how to restore notepad.exe or how to unconfigure my email so once I install the Norton software I can read my email. I use Windows 98 SE.

Also the instructions indicated I needed to manually uninstall the old Norton before installing the new version. I ran the uninstall program. I received a message that some Norton files are still on my computer. Do I need to remove these too and if so how?

Thank you!

Gary T.

notepad.exe is a mian componment for windows. It needs it. lol. On a rare insance this happen's my first idea would be click the start button, or hold the windows key, and the task bar should open a nice bar, click RUN, and type this notepad.exe. This should open it. You need no directory etc. If that in turn does not work, then try this open Find. Select your main directory, C: tc, then type notepad.exe and search it. This should pick it up. If not inform me.

For norton, yes uninstalling an older build is necessary. Yes some files are most likly left behind. You can go through and delete them, but id advise you not to. Only because they may have embedded in to another program, and migh still be needed by the system. Unless your sure then do not try anything you dont know fully understand.

it is now safe to install. If there are any more issues please by all means Post etc.

I had already tried to find the file using the Find command but couldn't. When I tried using the Run command as you suggested I also could not find it. The reason I need to open Notepad is to read a file that was downloaded that will instruct me "how to unconfigure email clients.txt". The information given to me indicates that if I don't unconfigure my email before installing the new Norton 2005 my email won't work. Do I really need to do this as the instructions say? Can you tell me how to do this? If so then I won't need to fix the notepad problem.

Thanks again for your help!

Gary T.

You can open a text file in almost any client. Also Im sure its much like Outlook, lol. Its an email Application, if i were you I would return norton, and get Mozilla's thunder bird. But thats only me. Try open office or something. You dotn need notepad to view text document's they are jsut makign an assumption. Now if you have to edit a system file's text YOU NEED NOTEPAD, only because it will not add any extra content. Thats just for suture reference'. IF you like you can google up word processing tool's and you will get a nice list. But what I would do is, Get open office. its great + free.

Thanks once again for your help! I'll try what you've suggested.

Gary T.

Im sure you could updat the system, and or search the site for notepad download's alos. If you need a word processing application google for one, or get open office. Its free. and great (=

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