Can anyone tell me how to remove a password. I recently bought a computer from a friend who forgot the windows password. How can I remove the password request each time I boot to windows? I really want to keep many of tghe programs installed, but if I have to I will reinstall Windows. Help :!:

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You can't just hit Cancel, or the <Escape> key? It's always worked for me. Either that, or boot into Safe Mode by holding the <ctrl> key at boot, and then you should be able to change the password.

Try this
Go to safe mode by pressing F8 while rebooting. if 2 profiles came i.e one of yours and other admin(installation time). Most of times password isn't given at that time. so if u can enter then go to control panel. easy!
if it not works, you reset Windows Password using Windows Password Unlocker.

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