I have a Dell Dimension 8300 (Yes I know Dell sucks, please don't remind me). I bought a new Lite-On burner (DH-20A4H) to go with my NEC RWer.I had new NERO 7 installed and everything was working to burn dvd's, and my other cd-rw was fine.
But I uninstalled NERO 7 after it (bundled stuff on cd was also installed) conflicted with codexs (my tversity). The cd and dvd burners worked fine after that as players/readers only.
NOW THE PROBLEM...after a month I wanted to burn some dvd's again so my idea was to install only the necessary driver from the bundled NERO 7 disc. By accident I installed an older Nero disc from the past, for windows 95-2000. I have XP. Immediately it encountered an error in the installation. So I uninstalled it in order to install the proper NERO 7......
Now both dvd-burner and cd/rw won't read anything. I can hear them making noise when I put them in, but it is not reading them. I tried a number of cd's orig music and data. I'll put a disc in, but it tells me to enter a disc while it is in. The devices are there in device manager (with no yellow "!") and their names identifying brand and model too. No "errors" of any sort show up (ie. error 31, or 19 etc.) I tried uninstalling the drives and re-starting windows which re-discovers the hardware but ends up the same way. I also deleted the Upper and Lower filters, with same result.
PS-considering I can't install the NERO 7 cd now, should I download the driver from Lite-on and install that...might that work? (I don't know how it will help my cd-rw drive though). Furthermore, it's and rar file and don't have a rar reader....any suggestions?

I figured something out by luck.
I open Itunes by chance, and it immediately had a warning pop-up "The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for imp. & burning CD/DVD's are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes." I then just clicked OK in that box, and itunes opened and worked fine.
It found a music cd in the drive and all the songs, but more importantly My Computer was able to see both drives and I even put the proper Nero 7 disc in and was ready to install it.
I had a problem reinstalling itunes though...and after restarting the computerl, itunes had the warning pop-up again. But either way as long as itunes is running in the background. I can finally used my dvd and cd drives.

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