I was using my computer today when the sound just disappeared. I have had this problem before and solved it but i've forgotten what i did to fix it. the only program that still has sound is skype. Any help will be appreciated

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double click the sound icon on your taskbar and check whether there are properties that are set to mute or what...

i already did. The sound played ok one second and was gone the next. the sound is ok when i make calls with skype but there is nothing more than that

so skype is okay but when your playing audio files or watching video, there is no sound or what?

exactly... dot on the spot!

hi, what sound card are you using ATI, Creative or what?

if using built-in audio what audio controller?

try to go control panel, then click on sound and audio devices.. under audio tab check the "default device"

THanks a million...that did it. The default device was set to bluetooth handsfree instead of the pc speakers.

good to hear.. your problem was solved ;)

Haaha I know,it happened to me few times as well:)

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