I have a dell Inspiron 6400/e1505 I was wondering if you can run vista 54 but off it. I have a core 2 due 1.83 ghz processor. I know that its a 64 bit setup but i was wondering if it able to handle the 64 bit version?

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It's Core2 Duo and, as you say, a 64 bit setup. So it'll run both XP 64 and Vista 64. No question.


but stay away from XP 64 - it has some compatibility issues
vista 64 is good though. Just make sure you have signed drivers.

I would like to install 64 bit but i am having a problem finding the drivers for 64 bit. All the dell website gives for my system is 32 bit. IS there somewheres else i should look for these?

There some useful stuff if you google:


I Havnt been able to find the drivers for it any other ideas?

just try the 32 bit ones they may work

Depending on the driver/device, you might be able to use a Windows XP 64-Bit driver but generally a 32-Bit driver won't work and in most cases will not even install.

FWIW, if you can add 4 GB of RAM to your laptop I would highly recommend it - 2 GB minimum.

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