Hello. I am having a problem with "Help and Support" in xp. When I open it and click on the index icon it opens a blank white page with a small red x.

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1. Does it happen regularly on any other webpages [Help & Support is actually HTML code in a simple browser.]
2. Is your Windows Firewall on? If no, turn it on.
3. Disable third-party firewalls.

The problem most likely isn't with corrupted files, but when did this start happening?

No only in help and support. Firewall on,third-party off (webroot). Not sure when it started. I have not used help and support in while(3weeks) .I am not sure but the only changes made to pc was downloading google crome.

Try disabling webroot and accessing the Help/Support. Tell me if that helps.

No change, still blank

(general comment- chrome has heaps of compatibility issues. I love the idea of the browser, but it is crap. sorry. use your other browser as the default and it should render ok.)

guys trying to help:I dont think he means on line help. he means inside XP, on the start menu - is this correct, "ssrr" ... ?

Has is always done this? is this pc new to you? if it was a custom build, then H+S might have never been installed to make xp lighter. or more likely you have a virus issue. run malwarebytes.org first, then run system restore if that doesn't fix it. ask if you don't understand.

1. With a custom build, you don't build the OS. You buy the OS, so the problem isn't that. (The Help and Support comes with every distribution of Windows XP/Vista.)
2. You don't need to be online to view HTML. You don't even need a personal server to see HTML.
3. Help and Support *is* constructed with HTML. It's shown in a simple browser, built by Microsoft. Which means that Chrome isn't the problem. A firewall issue could've been to blame.
4. Chrome is actually a pretty good browser. It's quicker than Firefox and it's a decent tool for developers to have on-hand. Sure, it won't rival FF for a while, but it'll get close eventually. (+, who doesn't love Incognito windows? Amirite?)
5. A virus wouldn't target H/S specifically. You'd notice it else where. Which he didn't.

The only part of the above post that I don't see as incredibly non-helpful would be a System Restore. Make a System Restore Point before you do it, though-just in case.

Yes on the start menu not on line. I have uninstalled crome and IE is default. No it has not always done this. Pc was built for me (year ago) Have ran virus scan (webroot) found nothing. Will try malwarebytes.org next.

Open 'Command Prompt' or 'Run' and enter 'services.msc'..You will get a whole big list of startup items, there search for 'Help And Support', Check its status whether it is running or stopped, start it if it is stopped..If it is disabled, Right click\properties\General\Startup Type\Automatic...It should work after this..

I ran services.msc from command propmt. Help/Support was running. Index still blank.

If you aren't going to listen to people, ssrr, don't ask for help. Windows Help & Support, the one access via the Start Menu is coded in HTML. HTML doesn't need to be run off a server like PHP, or have a compiler like C++. It's a language that every computer knows, it's a language that you don't need internet access for, thus it's the way they coded it. The window it's in, yeah, we call that thing a browser. Sure, it's not IE or FF, but it's a browser none-the-less.

I installed pchealth. inf from xp cd,no change. I had already ran sfc /scannow before. I don't want to reinstall just yet. And yes I am listening!!! I am glad to get the help and thank you all.

Who mentioned reinstall? That's certainly silly. Reinstalling would do nothing but solve the problem while removing all your files.

Anyways, you should use Google to your advantage. I'm 100% sure other people have had this same problem + found a solution.

the small red x suggests frames or images might be disabled, but i can't remember how to fix it. and i am too damn tired. maybe someone else remebers? it can be done in gpedit but i can't remember where. ssrr - you running home or pro? no gpedit in home standard? i think. i usually hack it into home installs/ not illegal! theres no law saying you cant add to xp - only that you cant r-e it.

you have the cd? DO THIS:

boot from the cd
hit install windows
(dont touch recovery console)
agree (f8)
select your harddrive with windows on it
your cd will find your current version of windows
hit repair. wait an hour. or two.

i suggest a back up first. and set a restore point. this will fix any corrupt WINDOWS files WITHOUT deleting or overwriting any of your crap. it even leaves the registry intact except for critical stuff. so you will have windows again. that is the easy fix. really really.

in fact, before you do that do this

in windows
start-my computer
right click your windows HDD
select properties
select the tools tab
select check for errors
tick both boxes
schedule on restart
then restart your pc. chkdsk should kick in for an hour or so. if not, do it again coz sometimes it does the funky monkey i dont know why.

then look for H+S

that might fix it. if not then run the repair as above.

As for the hammer I have got it ready. But will not be needing it (this time).Chkdsk did not work ,but the repair did. Thanks to all of you for helping.


Please "mark this thread as solved" so that others will know what worked for you - and if you do it when mine is the last comment, then I get the credit - just so someone else doesn't poach my goodie points for helping you - thanxx

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