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The audio on my computer seems to have stopped working. I checked the speakers, they work fine, I tried to play mp3s in Windows Media Player and iTunes, neither worked, cd's will not play either. I believe that tis happened after trying to burn a CD into iTunes, ost of the CD burned, but it got caught on a song and froze iTunes, I shut it down and rebooted and from then on none of my music will play. Any ideas?


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there can be several reasons for your prob
1) you sound device is dead
go to the my computer properties and choose there tab "hardware" check it out, may be it has some conflicts or smth else.
2) sound drivers messed up, reinstall them

i'm having the same problem but no one will answer my post. i'm just wanting to know where to install them once i go to the site. do i save them to somewhere or do a run? my audio & video driver are missing. no sound on start up or long off. all properties are shaded out in my multimedia device manager link.

I know it is an old thread but it is still open for discussion.

Check the volume and make sure that the Volume Balance and Wave Balance are on high.

I'm deeply sorry guy's for not responding back soon enough.
I resolved my concern by merely resetting bio's removing the cmos battery.
Somehow during my installation of Non OEM Win Xp Pro it did not load the drivers for multimedia devices.
Once it booted back up the found new hardware message popped up in the system tray & started loaded them automatically.
All is good now & has been for awhile.

Thanks for replying.

My previous answer referred to the volume resetting to zero as sometimes happens whe playing games in mute mode. The mute is conveyed to your setting after end play.

I suppose "check for New Hardware" could have done the same as resetting bios which is always a last resort, especially if you have specific settings in the bios.

You might want to check your DMA setting for the Drives. Ressetting the bios also resets the DMA setting. It should be set to 3 and not 5, which is the default.

I know this Question is resolved but another thing you might want to check is the IRQ setting for the soundcard. It should be set to IRQ10.

You can close this thread now.

Hey guys, I have a sound issue too.
I checked the control panel to sound devices on this XP, and it says No Audio Device.
Everything is greyed out, no other options available.
On startup a warning triangle with exclamation mark shows in left system try, pop up to it says System Error.
This is a sudden thing, any ideas?

email me

my audio has stopped working suddenly and the volume control is dissapered only one error ocurred that install mixer devices when i open to install mixer devices it is saying something else.what should i do?

Go into device manager & see if there are any yellow exclamation marks presemt.
That's a true sign the drivers for the sound device is corrupt or just plain missing.
Be nice to know what kind of computer you are experiencing the problem on & what it say's what you mentioned & also the OS you have installed.
I assume you know how to go into device manager!!
Hope you had a Joyful XMAS & a Safe NY'S!

i have a sound issue too i have realtek HD audio manager and the sound setting is not muted but my sound on my computer just wont work please reply to this post

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