Hey could someone suggest a free application for screen scraping ? the only ones i can find seem to be for big companies and for large-scale projects when i just need it to update press reviews for my blog. i use firefox but could switch based on what you guys tell me. thanx

Application for Web Scraping and Page Scraping

Web Scraping - Screen scraping is web scraping to generally go to web sites and scrape data from them. screen-scraper is a web scraping tool to get information from web sites very selectively or simply take whole page of wed site.


Either way for scraping data, if you want to get information from web sites very selectively or just take a bunch of data, there is a free firefox app called OutWit that lets you choose the scale of scraping.

I've used OutWit Hub and been really impressed with it. It's free too and you can't beat that.

mozenda has a pay as you go SNIP web scraping program. I have viewed the demos of the big guys and Mozenda works - Maybe better? I don't know. I did not have $50,000 to spend. anyway for small projects use this. I use their larger project and the interface is great. I set it up to post data directly to my server.