I was using msn messenger the last day ... and then I shut down my pc ( I have win server 2003 sp1 v 1023) When I came back ... I performed some cleanup operations with system mechanic and then removed some temporary files .... now my msn messenger was gone .... when I start its offline installation again ... it says " Insallation program appears to be damaged or corrupted. Contact the vendor of this application." By the way I am using msn messenger 7 beta. I then downloaded it again ... and it didnt work too showing the same message. Then I tried msn messenger 6.2 .... it also shows the same message. All other exe files on my pc are running properly.

I have got sygate firewall ... EZ eTrust Antivirus ... xsoft antispyware and system mechanic 5c.

what is the problem ??

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I was just testing win 2003 server ... now I have uninstalled it and reinstalled win xp .. that is working fine


7 beta?
thats old.. get live messenger

Well...This thread is from 2005 so I guess 7.0 beta was pretty new back then...


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