I was using msn messenger the last day ... and then I shut down my pc ( I have win server 2003 sp1 v 1023) When I came back ... I performed some cleanup operations with system mechanic and then removed some temporary files .... now my msn messenger was gone .... when I start its offline installation again ... it says " Insallation program appears to be damaged or corrupted. Contact the vendor of this application." By the way I am using msn messenger 7 beta. I then downloaded it again ... and it didnt work too showing the same message. Then I tried msn messenger 6.2 .... it also shows the same message. All other exe files on my pc are running properly.

I have got sygate firewall ... EZ eTrust Antivirus ... xsoft antispyware and system mechanic 5c.

what is the problem ??

no answer just a comment .When you use Bata versions you run the risk of having problems like this ,it is never recomended that you run Bata versions of any program on you main computer .unless you are redy to deal with some major problems and possiable reload of Windows .
Also you are not alone when it comes to problems with Bata 7,,check link .

I was just testing win 2003 server ... now I have uninstalled it and reinstalled win xp .. that is working fine

7 beta?
thats old.. get live messenger

7 beta?
thats old.. get live messenger

Well...This thread is from 2005 so I guess 7.0 beta was pretty new back then...


sorry i keep reviving old threads sorry

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