Please can someone explain this to me! I work with a small network of PCs running windows XP. There is a slightly faster machine on the network than mine. If that PC is off, the internet runs perfectly on my machine, but as soon as it is turned on, the internet grinds practically to a halt on my machine. Whats going on?


you can try changing both machines Lan Cards if this help then the problem is in the LAN card if it's not then i don't know wot reason it could be but i had that problem in the past but i got fixed when i changed the LAN cards of all the networking machines same as i was using in my server.hope this will help you best of luck

Thanks so much for the advice- unfortunately I have already tried that! I also tried adjusting a few settings on the access point to no avail. I think the main cause of baldness in the 21st century is networking!

Have you checked for malware and viruses? Also is the connection slow the entire time the PC is on?

If the other PC happens to be pumping stuff into the LAN it'll swamp the LAN. So you prolly need to slap a monitor utility onto that PC and see what's going on.

The utility you can use is ShowTraf. Go to:

Thanks all for your help so far! I have checked for viruses and malware even for decompression bombs! Nothing there! I will try the show traffic utility and see how that goes!