My laptop isnt chargeing, i have the power cord plugged in and i dont get a greater charge than 6%. what is wrong???????

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Not enough info.

Laptop model?
Charge has a light? Is the light on?
Does battery exhaust & then recharge to 6%?

On the face of it, you might need to recalibrate the battery. It can only stand so many recharges and then eithger goes phutt or remembers its lasrt setting and needs recalibration as per manufacturer's instructions.

Is that the laptop always shows you the battery is charging but stop at 6%?

Try get to teh BIO and reset BIO.
Also check if there is any bettery reconfiguration option in the BIOs menu.

The easiest step you can do without other parts is removing the battery and AC adapter, remove all other PC device such as DVD, external USB mouse as well.

Holding down the laptop power button over 10 seconds and do not let go, this will discharge and reset the system.

Connet the battery alone and see if you can power on the laptop, if so, connect the AC adapter as well.

Hope this helps!
Happy New Year!
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The battery charge light does not come on, however i have a powered light. i dont know how to access these bios to change whatever i need to change. i tried to remove the battery and the ac adapter and it didnt work. my laptop is a gateway model: w340ui. thanks for your efforts thus far

The battery charge light does not come on, however i have a powered light. ...

To be sure:

If the light on the power charger (the brick that connects between the mains and the laptop) does not come on, then t is faulty and must be replaced for anything sensible to happen.

If you have a "powered light" onn the laptop, then the power icon (when you pass the mouse over it) or from control panel should say "On AC Power". If that's the case, I'd expect the light on your charger to be on.

Whatever the state of the lamp in your charger, if you are recorded as "On AC Power", then your battery needs recalibrating by the procedure recommended by Gateway on page 50 of the user guide:

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