Hi folks,
A while back you helped me with spyware, so now I am hoping you can help again. I am attempting to load some new software but when i do it comes up file error "cannot find shell.dll" I did a search and it is in there. I also have not seen this type of extraction utility before called "webapp- win32cabinet extractor."

Thanks in advance,

Eddie M

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The file may have become corrupted; viruses or other "nasties" can do this.

Tell us which version of Windows you're running and we'll tell you how to replace shell.dll with a fresh copy from your installation CD.

Hi, Thanks for replying. I am using windows XP home version.


Thanks guys again for the help. Your fix went perfectly and you made it easy enough for an amateur. This site is the best!


Great- glad we could help (again)! :)

If you're sure that the problem is fixed, can we marked this thread asa solved?

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