can anyone help me out...??

how do i install new fonts into my PC...??

i downloaded a few but i forgot how to install them.....

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Just drag them to the C:\Windows\Fonts directory.

Drag the .ttf files, that is.

Fonts are managed in the Windows Registry, so you have to manage them from the Control Panel or with TweakUI. Just copying a TTF file to the Fonts directory is not enough.

elaborate more on the Managing area plz

elaborate more on the Managing area plz

It's like I said in the previous post; either go to the Control Panel, select Fonts and manage them from there, or use TweakUI, which is downloadable from Microsoft. Do a Google search for the download link.

Control Panel --> Fonts -> File --> Install New Font.

Easy as that...

i dont see any section where it says font in the control panel

ok i figuerd it out now i have a new problem, when i navigate the folder i have my new fonts in , and i click on them it doesnt show the fonts that i downloaded

lol, well on windows 98 all you have to do is drag the font, or copy and paste it in the windows\fonts folder. You dont have to edit any registry, im un sure of how XP handles this, and ive never installed fonts on my server OS, only cause theres no need. If you cant find the fonts re download them or use find to find them in your PC.

o well thats the thing cause i use XP

how do u drag the ttf files

click and drag. or right click and select copy then over over the font folderand right click. Paste.

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