Approximately a month ago the card reader on my laptop quit working correctly. I say correctly, because it obviously still recognizes when I insert the card and remove it because I get that tell-tale chime. It used to open a window asking what I wanted to do as far as opening files, or viewing photos etc. It no longer does that nor does the card show up in "My Computer". I am using Windows XP Pro, with all the current updates. OBTW, the USB ports all still work fine, and I can even put my card in a USB thumb drive adapter and read it fine. It is just through the card reader itself that it fails.

Thank you for any assistance.


Have you tried to plug it into ANOTHER computer and see if it works?
Certain windows services that you disable may also affect your card reading/USB ports....

Try using a friend's computer and post back your results..

have you check the device manager for any errors?

or it might be that the card reader socket is faulty... if it still under warranty send it for servicing...

Thanks for the replies. Yes I have tried the cards in other computers and they work fine. It is not the cards it is the reader.

I kind of think that it started when I used the "safely remove hardware" app before removing either the card or an external hard drive.