ok im looking to upgrade to vista sometime in the next 12 months, and am wondering whether to take the plunge now. Most people will say wait for the service pack to iron out the kinks but what is your reaction abotu vista ? Im looking to buy the business / ultimate edition as i will need the extra features not supplied by home edition but pricing up at around $260 on microsofts website (im guessin after i upgrade everything to run it properly more like $500) is it worth it ?

no, its not worth it.

do not under any circumstances get home basic. Its a waste of money.

Wait until SP1. Vista right now is even more unstable than XP was when it first came out (pre sp1)

Also, dont listen to vistas official requirements. 512 mb ram will NOT cut it. On vista 512 runs about as smoothly as 128 does on xp. 2gb ram gives similar performance to XP with 1gb.

Never touching my computer within a million mile radius!