Have included this prob in intro section also. Wmp10 displays this error message when I try to sync music files to my mp3 player: "A problem has occured obtaining the devices certificate..." It refers me to the microsoft support site, only they don't address this particular error message. Can any of you guys point me in the right direction? Thanks :cry: (running winXp pro sp1a)

I've only found a few similar instances, but they suggest that a Firmware update might solve the problem. Also possible, that a recent Firmware update may of caused problems.

If this isn't helpful, maybe let us know what type of MP3 player you have.

Is a iriver h10 20gb. They have a pretty dodgy reputation for doing crazy things and packing up ( I have had to return mine to iriver twice for repair in three months due to serious system file errors. Upgraded to 2.51 US firmware on the iriver site but not sure what firmware I had on it before. I will try rolling it back to the other version and see what happens.