Hey there everyone, I got myself into abit of a dilemma, well i normally double click on the C: drive harddrive pict to get into it but last night for some reason my antivirus picked it up as a virus or something i was not expecting it to be my hardrive autostart thing or whatever you call it, but i gave yes to my antivirus to kill process and quarantine, i know the easy way to fix this is restore it, but i can't cause i also deleted the vault and stuff...
Now when i double click the C: drive i get an error msg that reads
=windows can not find Recycler\ S-3-9-26-100014327-10015544-100011451-7362.com make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. To search for a file, click start button,and then click search.=
And thats all it says, I'm also having the same problem with my usb's. So if anyone can help me it'll be very much appreciated thank you, You can reply to my email at povsta@live.com.au ......

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