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it's funny, I have used a product Disk Copy from a advertiser Easus,
it cost me nearly 5 hours to copy my disk.
Why, because it's not a backup software, but just a disk copy utility, I inquire Easus about this, they told me the backup software is not published.
Luckily, there is nothing serious. I hope Daniweb could be more responsible.

Luckily, there is nothing serious. I hope Daniweb could be more responsible.

Um, what?

Disk copies are a form of backup. Indeed, the very first backups were simnply dumps of the whole disk onto tape.

And thats exactly what it says on its site:

"EASEUS Disk Copy provides sector-by-sector disk/partition cloning assuring a copy that is 100% identical to the original. Disk Copy can be used for copying , cloning, or upgrading your original small hard drive to a new larger drive."

Its the same sort of thing as something like Norton Ghost or Acronis. And 5 hours is about the expected time.

I dont see what your problem is?

If at first you dont succeed, rant

5 hours to copy -HOW MUCH- disk
5 hours for 5MB is terrible
5 hours for 5TB is fantastic

When all else fails, rtfm

Thanks for the concerning my question.
At begin,I try to install Disk Copy under Window XP , failed,
I get it should be installed DOS,
it's a utility to copy content from a disk, but I can not restore like Ghost .So I don't think it should be called backup software,just disk copy software.

Sorry for making the trouble, I did find I was barking up the wrong tree, to Daniweb and EASEUS, because I got a great free partitioning tool from EASEUS yestreday, Partition Master personal edition,and it's the latest one.
after installing I could use id to shrink my C:drive and enlarge D ,and creat a 10G partition to place my important files, even convert the partition from FAT to NTFS, what most amazing is I could perform partition copy or disk copy, why didn't I found it before?!! before I close my stupid topic before, I just want introduce thsi good freeware to all fans of Daniweb,
Hope all friends could enjoy it.

You know you can convert fat to ntfs on windows?
And on vista you can shrink/expand partitions?