I have an IBM T22 to which I am upgrading the RAM memory. It will go to 512 MB, but I can only get it to go to 384 MB. If I install two 256 MB sticks, I get a windows 32 driver error and I can't boot up at all. I will be getting a cable modem very soon and want to see if this is all the upgrade I will need. I am also using XP.
Any step by step help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.


First: I would make sure that both sticks of 256 are the same brand, same speed and same everything.

Second: Normally a windows 32 driver error is caused by you guest it a driver. A problem driver to be more precise.

I would put the old memory back in. Boot the laptop back up. Go into the Device Manager and look for any yellow triangles or exclamation marks. Those need to be corrected for max memory to work in the Laptop. Disable and install the drivers or upgrade the drivers.

Had a similar issue on an old R30. Needed a BIOS update. Check lenovo/IBM site for more information (dont try updating the BIOS unless you are sure this is what you need to do)