It is great that Windows XP comes with a fax utility and I have used it on several occasions. However, now I am on DSL, to fax I have to disconnect the DSL modem, connect the telephone line to the internal modem and when I have finished faxing, reset the DSL modem which entails unplugging modem, turning off computer, reconnecting DSL modem and turning on computer!! I bought a 3-way coupler and it is ok until I try to send a fax...there is no dial up sound and it messes up the DSL. Any ideas please or do I have to continue disconnecting each time?

Are you using a filter on the fax modem side of your splitter?

No, I have a filter on the phone line ....should I get an additonal one for the line that goes from the splitter to the fax modem?

Are you using a filter on the fax modem side of your splitter?

You should really have a second line enabled for your phone service. Most cabling already includes wiring for a second line, and the rental on a second line is only a small monthly charge in most places. Trying to use telephone, fax and DSL all on the one line is not really a very good way to do things ;)

I think you are right. I do not fax often and will just go back to disconnecting DSL and connecting to dial up.

Thought I would close this post with the news that it works...I can fax and remain on DSL at the same time....well, DSL is temporarily disabled while the fax is in progress but reinstates itself when the fax console is closed.

All telephone type devices that exist on a DSL line require filters.

The only device that should not have a filter is the DSL modem.

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