Hi all
I have a Toshiba L40 laptop witch I just formated with Win XP service Pack 2. Problem is when the laptop had a BIOS password on it. I knew the password but after installing a couple of windows drivers (sound, graphics etc) and needed to restart the pc I got annoyed by the password and wanted to remove it.

So I did, But the thing is now when I restart the laptop I still get the prompt to supply a password. thing is I've just pressed enter to uninstall the password in the BIOS. When I supply the old password now it doesnt wanna work. if I leave it blank and enter I get no go.

Am I missing something. Deadline is today...lovely stuff :-(

Laptops are difficult in these circumstances - O don't know how much juice there is in the CMOS battery. But there might be a trick like remove the main battery and wait a couple of hours or overnight for the CMOS battery to drain so that the BIOS defaults to factory settings. If you know your way round the inside of your laptop .....

Get it wrong 3 times = new motherboard on most business-grade laptops

go to the nearest service center of your laptop manufacturer's check if they can do something...