Hi Guys,

I have a laptop and sometimes when I take it out of hibernate the Hibernation bar fills up but the it just goes into a black screen and I have to turn it off by holding down the power button. Shutting down and then rebooting seems fine and sometimes it freezes coming out of standby.

Any help I would very much appreciate, thanks

assuming you are running winxp ,both those features are problematic. try disabling them and all should be well!you will just use a bit more of your battery power!

It could be one application that conflicts when hybernation is engaged. Two apps that caused it not to work right for me was Roxie and I believe the other one on a different laptop was McAfee. You might want to disable some apps that are running in the background that you don't need to be running through MSCONFIG. Do one at a time. Also you might want to try to see if you can locate the latest chipset drivers and also see if you have the latest BIOS update installed. Poorly written BIOS's will play hell on hybernation and standby modes....they will also cause all kind of strange issues during the day to day system usage.