I am having a problem on my Gateway Notebook and Gateway Desktop PC's, How can I repair a crash error I keep getting an error saying Microsoft windows has shut down the program and will check for a solution to the problem but it never does, How do I repair this both PC's are Brand New running Vista home pro32bit, This is the report I recieved:
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: a84c
Additional Information 2: 1be1efe1368a4cae3e4595c73e09b3e3
Additional Information 3: 9758
Additional Information 4: a13971e529817d47540392ca901a4591

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Not only this software is doing this their are several programs.
Thank You In Advance!

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All it's saying is that a program has crashed and if you would like to send the error report to Microsoft.

Also please don't double post, please be patient and wait for someone to reply.



@cohen : Please note that the user has posted two DIFFERENT threads, with the same title.

Both do NOT have the same contents, please check.

@Budd4u : Hi there, please give different thread titles to avoid confusion in future, even if it concerns the same computer, OR, you could just add it to to the same topic.

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