i cant see my desktop everythings black the only thing that i can see is the things i open. i ran a virse scan but nothing showed up its almost like everythings blocked by something. I've restarted my computer and everything can someone please help?

First thing to try is to RUN EXPLORER.EXE. If it runs (which it might not because that's the first line problem that's happened) then your desktop should appear.

If a re-boot doesn't maintain this improvement then you should go to a system restore point prior to this happening. Or boot with F8 pressed after POST and select last known good configuration.

If you don't have a system restore point or the F8 boot method didn't work, then you should repair your windows systm from by booting from the Vista CD and selecting Repair.

So you've quite a bit to do and keep us posted.

If last known good configuration doesn't work, try selecting VGA mode, which disables the drivers on your graphics card. If this fixes the problem, get a new graphics card.

try to plug-in your hdd at another PC and scan through that PC...