I have American Greetings "CreateACard" Platinum 8, My question is:
There is three cd's for the installation, I would like to compile three cd's into one DVD, so I can insert on DVD to install instead of three. Cause for some reason after I formatted the HD and installed service Pack three, it will give me problem with the second cd. Only happens on my wife's laptop(AMD Averatec), On my laptop it works fine (Toshiba, Intel core 2 duo). So is there such software that can do that, compile three cd's into one DVD.

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The software installer itself is written to look on different CDs for different files, if it doesn't give you a "browse" option then you'd actually have to edit the code on the installer which is probably not possible.

I'd suggest making the disks into ISO images: you can do this using most CD/DVD burning programs by copying the disk and selecting ISO for the output (this varries from program to program but most will list something like "virtual recorder" or "ISO writter" as an option)

One you have these ISOs you can either move them to your wifes hard drive, or put them on a DVD together and use a program like deamon tools (freeware), magic ISO (the virtual CD components is free) or nero image-drive (not free, but comes with the better versions of Nero) to mount them. They will show up like native CDs and might bypass the problem that her laptop seems to be having with the disks.

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