I need a program or a way to find used space on my harddrive. The folders that I can see accumulate to about half of my HD space. Right now it shows that I have about a 1 GB of space left. I have looked in My Docs, Doc and Settings, Program Files, and etc, but I cant find where all my space has gone, PLEASE HELP!!!

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Have you changed the setting to view hidden files?

I use a little program I found called SpaceMonger to see visually where my space is being used. I've been using it for years. It has really helped me see where my disc space is disappearing to.

The free version is available from http://www.sixty-five.cc/sm/v1x.php. A paid version is available but I've been satisfied with the free version.

Hi, Take a look at WinDirStat. Shows a visual representation of files, folders, and the space they take up. Very informative.


And the Total Commander ?
Configuration->Display->Show hidden files...ok
place the cursor to the dirs one by one and press the 'space button'
This will calculate the size of the directory...

Search for files with an extension .chk and delete them. Look into the temp directories and delete any empty files
ie 2344fgrt6.tmp = 0 bytes
Much of you space goes into vitual memory. When you open a progrma, any program, the program creates an undo file. Should you want to undo an action. This temp file is deleted when you close the program. If your computer turns off unexpectedly, this temp file may not be deleted.
Microsoft Office products dont delete their undo temp files.

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1. You can search for a few programs at google by using the keyword " disk spce analyzer" like jDiskreport or WinDirstat...

2. Or you can download CCleaner if you want to analyze
how much space you can delete.

Good luck !

April 14 since Tapped posted his question ,and never returned for an answer ,but it still gets suggestions .go figure

CaperJack - It's a common question and one day someone will have the best answer. Until then us dunderheads will continue to answer old questions until they are marked Solved

one day someone will have the best answe/QUOTE] true maybe, but until the original poster post back saying yeah! that was just what i was looking for ,we will not know what the best answer was ! lol

Getting a bit off topic but I keep getting into trouble when ever I ask a direct question to "them".
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