In october I had my IE6 hijacked , the system was scanned by spybot and cleared up ; however a sequel was left : the Internet Options/General Tab/ Start page is disabled ;

In order to change the damn porno start page I had to edit the register: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main;
Today it has happened once again , the start up changed to a
damn porno page (how the scoundrels may think they will get customers with this strategy ????)

But this time , I scanned with spy bot , cleared up system , and
have edited the register , but the start page remains the same
porno stuff ;

How can I get rid of that , how can I change start page and eventually recover the general page button to change start page address ??
Thank you for your reply ;


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id suggest using old way unelss it doesnt work, tools > internet option > home apge should be the first thing that popsup

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