I have a problem with the AutoComplete feature in Microsoft Internet Explorer. AutoComplete is supposed to save user names and passwords for my email, for example. Autocomplete prompts me to save my password when I sign onto my UF email account. But when I sign onto my Yahoo email account, AutoComplete does not prompt me to save the password. Previously, I checked the box to not remind me again to save passwords for the Yahoo account, but now I want to reverse this and allow it to save the password. How do I fix this so that it DOES promt me to save passwords? Is there a manual operation I can do?

Please help me! Thank you :-)

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add aware 6.0 did not solve the problem. Is there another solution I could do to fix the AutoComplete problem?


Yahoo! is very restrictive on allowing AutoComplete to function on most all of it's pages. I found the following quote...

"Yahoo mail turns off the autocomplete feature for their web based mail."

...in the link which follows, which gives a good tutorial on how AutoComplete works in general, as well as giving helpful hints on how to utilize A-C in your coding if you're a programmer.


The summary is... you can't use AutoComplete with your Yahoo! Mail, DCarr.

I know... it's a pain!! :lol: I wish Yahoo! allowed A-C to be used there, too.

:cool: A.M.

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