iam running a p4 1400 with windows xp home edition i just got acronis true image 6 to backup my harddrive it installs ok but when i try to copy my harddrive it starts and then the cd pops out and is says error cant create image may be becouse of poor media.i have tryed two diffrent types of cd both 80 min 700megs.i dont know if it matters but iam using the windows xp cd burning software.i have contacted acronis tech support but thay dont know what the prob is either. eny help would be appreciated.thanks in advance

theres such a thing as a p4 1400? do you mean an AMD XP 1400+ or a p4 running at 1.4 ghz?

might be a bad burner, i have never used the program so i couldnt tell you honestly >.>

why not burn the image to the Harddrive, then burn the image to a cd ?

iam using a pentium 4.1400 megs the only reason that i dont copy to harddrive and then burn is that i went out and got acronis becouse every one i know says its the best so i thought i would try it. but i think thats what i will endup doing thanks for the reply.

no and its mhz not megs ;)

mhz = megahertz

meg = nothing speicificly

let me ask you this Faranth are you on this forum to help or nitpick the shit out of people

im here to help and education is a good tool :)

and my name is Faranth, its spelled very clearly :)

alright farenth let me ask you how have you helped me or educated me when all you have done is answer my post by nitpicking megs and 1400megs.the reason i use this forum is becouse of people like big b affleck and others that help not nitpick the hell out of you for not putting the word that you find best put. so help and educate.i find you do not do one or the other.ps when you answer a post it helps if you know about that post wich it seems in my case you know nothing about .i need help not bulls--- like you have given.

i offered help where it was due >.>

i give you my possible solutions

i told you how to classify your processor correctly, which it would also be P4 1.4 ghz or a 1400 mhz, a meg does not define anything in the computer world. megabyte or megahertz are two totaly difernt things, even a megabit is a differnt thing.

i was trying to be helpfull and i really dont like the fact that you call me Fagarnth, it wasnt very nice of you, please dont cotinue to reedit your post.

yes that is true but you never did touch the fact that i cant get acronis to work with windows xp so you ether no nothing about it or you just whanted to act all high and mighty about megs mhz 1400 megs and so on why not put that brain to work on the prob at hand smart guy.and about the reedit i dont have eny more time to waste on you or your username you should know better than to act like you are a know it all being a moderator.ps i think i have told you were to go without saying it.mr moderator edit that.

no, i havent heard of that program, however i gave a suggestion as what to do about it with the best of my abilties of the other types of programs that i have used that make hd backups.

i was trying to help you, incase in the future, you need to give someone detailed info about your coimputer.

the only thing you were trying to help with was to show me you know about computer lingo and i dont. thanks for nothing jack.i told enyone that knows about the program all that they need to know face it u suck at this that all there is to it jack.

I don't know if it safe to make a comment or not but will any way lol
I would try using a 3rd party burning software like Nero and not the windows xp software . .
Incase you read this allready i edited because i reread the site about the different fat and it was on the restore and not the backup

hay capperjack alway good to hear from a fellow candian about the third party software i tryed nero and roxio easy cd creator iam using the cd burning softare that comes with windows xp home.for me it work better than ether of the two other programs.iam thinking it mite be a driver prob.

Burners dont usualy have drivers, i can suggest a differnt burner program that ive been using for a long time thats rather nice and i know they have a long free trial time ( almost unlimited )

the drivers iam talking about are aspi drivers and eny help would be appreciated

xp home/pro should come preloaded. how much ram do you have in your system?

thanks for the reply capperjack no i did not select split image becouse i dont know about it.and i did not see the documentaion on the subject yet but i will check it out.iam still waiting for the tech person to get back to me so i have not check into it that much i sent the tech my cd record log file on friday so i shoul here back soon.just thought i could get the answer faster by checking on this forum.and thanks again for the reply i will check the site on splitting the image thanks

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