Hi im trying to install a new hdd on my toshiba protege m400 laptop. Its a tablet pc. Ive tried running a Windows XP Pro install disk but everytime i get to the install or repair screen it says it doesnt detect the hdd. my hdd has windows installed but it gives me the blue screen of death so i know the hdd is installed. I dont have a floppy drive on the comp so i cant install the raid drivers via floppy. is there any other way i can install the drivers besides slipstreaming? if so i would appreciate the help.


XP doesnt support SATA or RAID out of the box, you will need to integrate your disk controller (motherboatrd/chipset) drivers into the install media using something like nlite.

Slipstreamijng is your only option as XP only supports loading the drivers from a floppy (which is very buggy anyway)

Slipstreaming is easy, its just you need another pc to do it from.

It could be that your HDD is messed up. You can run HD utility or any software that could check if there is a bad sector

Another trying:B.I.O.S.
What if you try to jump into the B.I.O.S,and look at the hard drive is detected or not?

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