Please help.

I have a folder with lots of downloaded music etc. I Always have it arranged so that the most recently downloaded file is at the bottom, and the oldest is at the top. To do this I right-clicked the folder and then clicked arrange icons by>modified.

Now however it is arranged alphabetically and when I right-click I can't arrange by modified and instead have choices such as "Artist, Album Title, Year" etc.

Can someone please help as this is very irritating and it can be difficult to locate a recently downloaded file. I'm sure is easy to fix for someone with the know-how. Thank-you.

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try rearraging your files by 'date created'..this will bring the most recently created files in you folder to the top of your list..


no i would have tried that thanks anyway tho.
i think that was in windows 98 r sumtn. i have windows xp. currently my choices for order of arrangement in that file are: name, size, type, artist, album title, year, track number, duration, none of which help.


thanks that page did help a bit. when i went to properties i didnt get the same tabs, but i sorted it out by clicking view at the top of the folder window and selecting choose details. thanks very much tho because that page helped me solve the problem.


I solved this problem by deleting the 'Thumbs' file in the folder in which I was having the problem. I know this is an OLD OLD thread but hopefully this post will help somebody out sometime!

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