I have a crappy, old Dell Latitude CP M233ST, which I got for free. I just wanted to use it for typing Word documents, etc., but it runs terribly. The person I got it from installed XP on it when it barely meets the requirements and takes like 10 minutes to start up. Anyway, I want to remove XP and go back to 98 (which it is made for and I have a disc for) for the occaisonal times I will use it.

It has:
Windows XP Home SP1
Intel Pentium 233 MHz Processor
64 MB Ram
No Floppy Drive
CD-ROM Drive (Won't Boot From it Though)

I Do Have an XP Home Disc, But It Will Not Boot From the CD Drive For Some Reason....(I've Tried the Boot Menu, etc.)


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Start the PC and press f8 many times as it is loading. when the boot menu appears, start the PC in "safe mode with command prompt" insert your win 98 disk, type the letter of your CD then : IE d: and press enter. type setup and enter, follow the prompts. You will need to reinstall all your other progs (word etc) again.

Thanks for the quick reply...I'll try it a little later tonight...

OK so I tried doing as instructed but resulted in the same error message I got when I tried to run windows 98 setup thru my computer....I started it up in command prompt and then tried running d:\setup.exe and got a message reading: Windows 98 cannot install while running this version of windows.

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