Well it's either this, or the domain name has been removed from the routing table. Or my Firefox is just being very biased about my browsing experience!:) Go on, try it out now (note depending on when you're reading this, it might have come back up and so it'll just be a random strange claim)

worked for me :)

I'm not even joking, it's not working for me - not on IE, not on Firefox, not gonna bother trying on Chrome. I can't even ping it! Malware??

The problem might be anywhere between you and Microsoft. You obviously can get to other sites such as DaniWeb so malware on your computer is unlikely.

I moved your thread over here so you can get some serious help. Geeks' Lounge isn't the place for support questions.

Yea thanks, I honestly didn't think it was a problem on my end or I wouldn't have posted in Geeks Lounge

Lol, how embarassing. Turns out it wasn't just random server downtime going on, I was in actual fact confickered. The Win32/Conficker.B strain to be precise. I couldn't browse any PC security, AV-company websites. Fixed it by downloading Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and leaving it to run and deal with problems it found. Also disabled my network card as a precaution. And it didn't spread on my home network because McAfee did its job. Which means it's just gone up to 2nd place in my list of fave AV s/ware that I've actually used. Kaspersky is 1st, in case you were wondering.

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