ok so msn messenger just came out with a new msn messenger 7.0 and when i try to sign in it says i must download the latest version(7.0) BUT when i try to this box pops up during the installation saying 'You do not have the permissions required to install MSN messenger on this computer. Please contact a person who has full permissions on this computer. ummm hello?? this is my computer i'm the only person who uses it! i'm always logged on as administrator. so i tried to log on a new user 'elizabeth' but it pretty much did the same thing. perhaps it has something to do with something corupt in my pc??? oh! and another thing...my internet explorer stopped working a while ago it wouldn't load so i stopped using internet explorer...i have no idea why it suddenly flaked out. :(

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I get the same message re: not having the right permissions. Problem is, when I try to load my current version of Messenger, it tells me that I HAVE to upgrade, and tries to install 7.0 Beta ("A newer version is available. You must install the newer version in order to continue"). Any clues what's up?

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