Hi I am running ME and I was directed to post this problem in here.[I'll just Copy the problem from this post]

There doesn't seem to be any sound at all.When I boot up the short sound of music for windows doesn't play nothing all the codecs seem to be fine also.As I said earlier the sound issue has come up before but always went away after reboot or shutdown.

I went to sounds and multimedia properties and my scheme seems to be missing the small sound icon next to Windows, Windows Explorer, Sound Recorder, Media Player, NetMeeting. Microsoft works etc... and are replaced with the small icion when missing a program.Could this be a cause of the problem?

Glad to hear this, plehsdeen! :D

Care to let us know how the problem was resolved? Others reading the topic may get benefit from hearing about the successful technique used.

Unfortunaley I can't help anyone else regarding this problem as it was solved by luck. I was searching around for an answer and suddenly a noise came from the speakers and after that my sound was restored. So I still have no idea what the actual problem was Catweazle.

Catweazle I also posted a little thank you in the original post regarding my new drive.[Just saying this here incase you miss it because I wanted to make sure you know I appreciated your help]