Hi guys,

I've come across a problem with my PC and would just like to know how to resolve it. Here's what's wrong:

I turn on my PC and it loads up normally until it reaches the Windows load screen with the bars running along the bottom but as soon as the first bar appears the screen flashes with the Blue Screen and then resets. I have tried starting in Safe Mode, disabling Auto Restart after System Failure and nothing has changed. I have copied down the Stop error number on the Blue screen and it is this:

Stop Error 0X00000024 (0X00190203, 0X8A51B628, 0XC0000102, 0X00000000)

Any help would be great as I want to get my PC up and running ASAP!



did you look the memory?Put out them and then put back one turn on the pc and again the other....

What do you mean? I don't understand...

do you ever detach the memory from the pc?

Remove the rams,and put them back one by one.
If the rams are ok then look the video card if it is installed properly,if you had an old vga and get a new then firstly the old one you have to uninstall its drivers....

No i've never removed any of the hardware from the PC. It was working fine last night and just decided not to work this morning.

jump into safe mode and try to restore the system to the last night's time

what was the last thing u did ? Did u install the Service pack 3 ? which version of xp are u using ? Do you have any printer/scanner etc connected to the system ? If yes , unplug them and try to boot again

Did u try doing the system restore from safe mode ?


Okay, I was using the computer fine the night before it stopped working. I turned it on like normal, I didn't install any software or hardware to the PC, and then turned I it off like normal after using it. By safe mode I assume you mean choose the option that says: Start Windows in Safe Mode
along with the other ones:
Start Windows in Safe Mode With Networking / Command Prompt etc

I have said that I tried this and it does not seem to do anything (I get no chance to do a System Restore), the system reboots as soon as it hits the Windows loading screen.

I have Windows XP Professional, Genuine. I am pretty sure I only have Service Pack 2. Nothing is connected to the PC.

My PC also makes a click noise (Probably from the Hard Drive) each time it restarts, I don't know if this is supposed to happen or i'm just noticing it because the PC keeps restarting.

Hello, pho... your error refers to a problem NTFS.sys is having. This is the driver that controls reads/writes to your NTFS disk. The problem may lie with the driver file itself or with the disk..ie a hardware failure. Solution involves using another disk [**] with an OS on it - either place one such in your machine and boot from it, or connect your failing drive into another machine as a slave. After starting the OS run CHKDSK on your failing drive. If it passes, then try to boot from it as per normal. If not, then copy in a new NTFS.sys [into windows\system32\drivers].
By disk [**] I mean either a bootable disk such as a Windows installation disk [in which case you would use the Recovery Console to run CHKDSK and copy in a new ntfs.sys], or another hard drive you snatched from another machine, or just happened to have lying around.

Thanks Gerbil, will give this a try tonight. Hopefully it gets working again! Oh, i've got two drives, should I try it with both?

If you have an OS disk, such as a Windows XP setup/installation cd, that would do fine, just go into the Recovery Console with it [RC is a mini version of XP] and do what I said. Or... if you so wish mount your other drive in the machine [as Master if IDE, Sata does not have such fusses] with the suspect one, and put a temporary XP installation onto it and use that to test your failing? drive. I did mean for you to slave your failing drive in another existing machine... but doing it this way would be just the same thing.
Mind that you can do all with just the Recovery Console on the XP cd, and it is quicker.
In RC you want chkdsk /p -if it finds errors run chkdsk /r

I have found out that I actually have Service Pack 3, not sure if this makes any difference.

The RC should still work as it is not actually replacing any files, it is merely loading a small OS.

I load up the RC and it asks for a floppy disc, thing is... I don't have a floppy drive on my PC. I don't know if i'm doing this right... here's what i'm doing.

Start the PC up, put the Windows XP disc in the drive
Go to the boot menu and select CD Drive, press enter to boot from CD

What do I do from here?


Sorry, pho, I did not notice your quick reply.... okay, here is a procedure for starting the RC. Because I do not know if you have a Sata or IDE hdd [hard disk drive], but do know that you do not have a floppy drive, this may appear complicated.... but it beats other methods.
If you have a Sata hdd then AHCI most likely is enabled [don't worry what that means, it just sets your drive to use enhanced Sata features]. If AHCI is enabled we must change that because you have no simple way of loading an enhanced-mode Sata driver because there is no floppy drive [and they aint on the Windows Setup cd....].
We must do without that driver.
- Start you machine. At the first BIOS screen press Delete to enter BIOS Setup [to better read, you can freeze BIOS by pressing Pause, Enter to continue].
I do not know what BIOS you have, but somewhere in there is a Configure Sata As choice. Set it to IDE [choices may be IDE, AHCI, RAID..]. Now there is no need for an enhanced-mode Sata driver.
-Exit and Save changes. The machine will restart.
**If you have an IDE drive, start here**
As your machine starts, at the first BIOS screen press F8 [or whatever key is required to enter the BIOS Boot Selection screen.
-select to boot your machine from the cd drive, insert your cd, press Enter.
- press any key to boot from cd; your machine should boot from it immediatley.
You can now ignore the Press F6 if you need to load a Sata driver screen. Windows Setup loads basic driver files.
- on the Welcome screen, press R or r.
-select your installation by typing the number, and Enter.
And Bingo, you have the RC prompt, Windows>
Type chkdsk and Enter. Read the screen.. you may need to run chkdsk /p
You will now know if your drive is okay. Type exit to quit the RC.
Does the machine start Windows now?
No? Re-enter RC to copy in ntfs.sys. There is an old version on the cd which will work, and a newer version on your hdd in Windows\system32\dllcache.
-from the cd : copy X:\I386\ntfs.sys C:\windows\system32\drivers -where X: is your cd drive letter, C: is your Windows drive letter.
-from dllcache: copy c:\windows\system32\dllcache\ntfs.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers
Not working? A new drive is required. Most likely.