post removed by moderator. If any more "tips" like this get posted, you will be banned.

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I tried this on my home netwrok, and it didnt work, perhaps a firewall issue? But you most likley could get in serious trouble for doing this at school ;).

I am not sure why it does not work at home. Do you have admin rights, or if you don't does admin block some things? Well I won't get in trouble becuase my computer teacher and I try to explore it at school. We tried to shutdown another school and it did not work, but right now I am figuring how to log onto another school in our district. HAHAHAHHAHA.

Closing this thread.

DO NOT post anything else like this. If I find it, I'll ban you. This type of stuff is ignorant.

Secondly, it shouldn't work on a properly secured network. The "tip" you put here is a really easy way of getting yourself suspended, or worse, expelled.

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