I am using XP service pack 3 and have installed WMP 11. I try to start the program and get the message " Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled. Do you wan:'( t to install the player from the Microsoft Web site?" Accepting 'yes' to this and reinstalling brings back the same message. I tried uninstalling but can only roll back to a previous version. A word from the wise would be very much appreciated.

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One way is to use control panel add and remove progs and then uninstall.
If that does not work this is the really hard way.
delete the windows media player 11 folder. (I cant remember wher eit is!) and then use a registry cleaner to remove all the registry entries to the player! This saves doing, it by hand but yu could do that as well!

Then switch off and restart and then install the latest version.

It is wise to set a restore point before doing all this.

Best of luck


mj thanks for that. I did as you suggested and cleaned the registry with more than one cleaner after the delete. Re installed WMP, re started the PC - same problem. "Windows Media Player is not ..."


had the same problem. i solved it by getting a copy of windows media player,no the one that is installed by windows during install but the one download manually. maybe try that and i believe it'll work.

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