Whenever i try to access a Drive (Physical Partition) by doubleclicking it i can't open it...It asks me a program using which i should open it..the only other option i have is to right-click and explore which gets quite irritating...please help

Its a minor issue normally caused due to a malicious program/malware/etc.. creating an Autorun file which prevents you from opening it.. try the following...

To Delete Autorun on all partitions :

1)Open Command Prompt (open Start/Run and type 'cmd' and press 'Enter')

2)now type 'X:' (where X is the drive letter for your partitions)

3)now type 'del autorun.* /f /q /s'

do this on all partitions by selecting/opening them using step 2 and then following the step 3...

Wow..thank you so very much, that worked like a charm..Thanks alot again..you guys rock :)

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