I teach a class that includes the use of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Access. Everything has been fine until recently.

Some of my students have been required by their employers to upgrade to Office 2007. The problem is that I now can't read their homework to grade it on the school computers.

I told them to save to 2003 compatible mode, but when I try to grade those, the colors and other formats are wrong when opened in Office 2003. I can't tell if the students did their work wrong, or if Microsift messed it up.

I hope that if Bill Gates ever has a serious illness, the doctor treating him can't read the files necessary for treatment, because they were in a format obsoleted by Microsoft upgrades.

THAT would teach him (maybe).

Yes M$ does suck (In every way)

Trying to force people to upgrade to the latest garbage which gives them the most control over them........

It called, having a monopoly,and an attitude! to boot.

this indeep a dilema, i had the same esperience, schol was using office 2003 i had 2007 at home, but i save in 2003 mode, to make sure the teach can opem my doc or xlm file because in 2007 the extentions are 4 letters. but if the student who have 2007 at work and do there home there they would be in a world of problem if they change the mode then do some work project and send to other at work they would be getting incorrect formats and data. probable be fired,,,,,,,,, i do feel your pain.