my windows wont start. it will get to the loading screen and flash it again and then just turn off. i tried to reinstall windows but my os cd will not boot. the cd rom works brcause i have tried it with other computers. please help.

get a good istaller xp cd,set the BIOS(press 'del' button,set the first boot device CD/DVD)Insert the installer,format c: for Ntfs file system
and install a clean xp :D

i did that. it jus says "strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility"

your xp installer cd is bootable?

yes. ii tried xp pro and home edition. same thing happens to both

when asked press F2 to run setup,the most down lines writes that load setup defaults F something,F10 save and have to save the changes

i am saving the changes

this is what my bios reads as

Primary drive 0...........hard drive
primary drive
secondary drive rom reader
secondary drive 1...... cd rom reader

boot sequence
-ide cd rom device...on
-hard disk drive

try to set the boot sequence
ide cd rom dvice... on
hard disk drive c ...on
put the istaller cd in the drive,retart your computer
if your xp is bootable then the setup will run automatically

or read the

Read Me:Reformatting Hard Drive & Reinstalling XP in this forum by 'Stein

i have already tried that. i know the cd is bootable beccause i tried it on another computer.

if you have another computer then detach the hdd from the pc and do on the another one,format for ntfs,put the formatted hdd to the original place,set bios first boot device dc dvd,f10 save and exit,put the cd rom into the cd drive restart(or reset) and press any key to boot from atapi cd rom

Sounds like the same problem I am having FlamingClaw (I know you've been posting in my thread, just thought i'd check this one out to see if there was a solution)... nothing seems to do anything. Tried Safe Mode, Disabling System Reboot on Error, inserting Windows disc. Blue screen keeps flashing and then the system just reboots... Could this be the work of a virus of any kind? Not sure how to get rid of it without being able to reach the desktop but just wondering if it could be a virus...

if it is not a software problen then hardware.Try to jump into the BIOS and set the standard settings,if you are in,there is an option named halt=All but keyboard then set the first boot device to cd dvd ,save settings,the installer must be in the cd drive,reboot,when asked press any key to boot from atapi cd rom
If after that nothing happens or blue screen again then hardware problem (ram(went out),cpu(overclocked),vga(went out,wrong driver installed) or newly installed unit(wrong driver installed or incompatible unit))

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