hello guys!

i need your help guys, here is the issue; i just opened the new office and have 10 work stations well now i want to run some e-mail service so employees can send and receive e-mails to each other.

Hardware: i have 10 Intel P4 with Ethernet port all PCs are connected to the LAN switch.
OS: winXP Pro. SP3

i don't have any kind of server yet please tell me what hardware and software i must need to accomplish the job...

any help will be appreciated...

best regards....


Hello 4ukh,

This is my advise to you:

Best Small Office Network for email usage:
First for most you need Internet services and this you can easily shop around depending what part of the world you are:

1) Internet is a must (And good internet connection)
2) Installations of Microsoft Outlook, with POP3/SMTP e-mail handled by a third party (usually their Internet Service Providers).
3) Bear in mind one thing thou:
a) DSL or Broadband
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)/Broadband is a relatively new technology, which brings high connection speeds to normal analogue telephone users. It is basically the telecom answer to cable.
DSL comes in two forms:
· Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), - provides different upload and download speeds (most common)
· Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL)- provides the same speed in both directions
Monthly Cost: Starts at approx. £13-£30 for ADSL per month (depending what country in world you are in UK that’s what costs)
Speed: 128Kbps - 1Mbps
Hardware Requirements: DSL modem (often included). If you want to connect multiple computers: one DSL router (approx. £50-£200)
· Always on connection
· Can use a telephone and Internet simultaneously
· Wide variety of speeds and prices.
· Large choice of service providers (ISPs)

· Available only in limited areas
· Speed vary widely
· Some providers have monthly download limits. (1GB per month is typical)
· Requires special termination equipment to be fitted by the telecom company at both ends of the telephone line.
· Exposes computer to Internet so you need to install firewall software. (Windows XP has a built in firewall).

For what you have asked I think that’s all you need anyway with ten people you need the best Internet possible though.

for a small network, I suppose a simple SBS server should do. if you are unfamiliar with this technology, do spend a few more quid on an IT pro who will come out and set it up for you.

Thanks for the help which is very concise OK well I've the ADSL line with the speed of 4Mb. i surf the Google/web for the best solution to adopt and i come up with the Microsoft server 2008 + Microsoft Exchange server 2007. with this combination i think i can more efficiently route the e-mils and other stuff like that but the very basic objective is to run the e-mail service locally (LAN) and over web as well...

what i am planing is: for now i just have only one office e.g. Head office with 10 employees. I'll buy a good server machine to run the MS Exchange Server 2007 and staff of the head office send/receive emails to each others and out side of the office like YOU and one more thing they can access their e-mails from there home or any other location. sooner or later i am planing to open another office in another city and i want the staff of this 2nd city office and access the same server and access their e-mails.

now what you suggest me what are the things to keep in mind first... i mean what kind of stuff it may require and what are the steps i must follow...

hope this help you if not I'll try my best to make this more easy like you...

God Bless you...

best regards


for a small network, I suppose a simple SBS server should do. if you are unfamiliar with this technology, do spend a few more quid on an IT pro who will come out and set it up for you.

thank you but i am planing to get the MS Exchange Server 2007... hows that...?